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No doubt sending a “Thank You” note is a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t it be great if more people took the time to put pen to paper and write a thank you note, even a brief one.  A hand written thank you note is far better than an email and hands down better than just verbal thanks.

Even better than a thank you note is a thoughtful Thank You gift that will both surprise and delight the person you want to thank. If you want to raise the bar and say ‘Thank You’ in a most memorable way, consider sending a gift basket with your hand written thank you note.

Personalize It

The best thank you gifts, and all gifts included, are matched to the recipient’s particular interests and tastes, and also to how well you know them. The more you know about the recipient, the more specific the gift you can send. The goal is to send a gift that will be sure to please. The “gift basket thank you note” could also be tailored to the relationship you have with that person and to the specific reason for the thank you.


Send What They Love

When choosing a gift basket, be sure to really think and consider what the recipient truly loves. Chocolate Lover?  By all means, send them a chocolate gift basket like our  “Sweet Thanks” chocolate gift basket as a token of your appreciation. Yum!


Your thoughtfulness will really be appreciated when you send a thank you gift basket that matches a person’s dietary restrictions or preferences. If you know someone is diet conscience, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, heart-healthy, low Glycemic, or low carb then you can send them our “Heart Healthy Snacker” gift basket or our healthy & delicious “Fruits for Your Labor” gift basket. Think of a gift that shows your friend or colleague how well you know them.  And, there are gift baskets to suit every persuasion.

heart healthy basket

Send What You Love

Sometimes you have discovered something so fabulous that you want to share it with friends. You know them well enough that you are quite certain they will love it, too. So, the next time you want to thank your neighbor for bringing in your mail, watering your plants, or watching your cat why not send them a thank you gift basket full of goodies that you love.  In your thank you message, you can describe what you love about the gift and why you think they will find it irresistible too!

sincerethanks (300x300)


Thank You Gifts that Satisfy All Tastes

Sometimes you want to say thank you to a business colleague who referred a new client to you, for example, but you don’t know about their personal interests or tastes. A fresh fruit or fresh and dried fruit basket will please every palate and make a universally good gift basket to convey your ‘Thank You’, especially when the contents are of the highest quality and are stylishly arranged. Your “gift basket thank you note” will also be appropriately formal.

When sending a thank you gift to a family or an office, you can’t go wrong with a fun basket filled with lots of treats and snacks. Everyone has different tastes and variety can be the best approach in this particular situation. Think about finding a gift with products that are easy to share; that can be put in an office lunchroom or in the family room in front of the TV like an always popular “Movie Night” themed gift basket.


Writing Gift Basket Thank You Notes

Of course, any gift basket will be accompanied by a thank you note. Just because you are sending a thank you gift, does not mean you should put any less thought into the note attached to it!

There are some tips to writing good thank you notes. First and foremost, keep the sentiment appropriate to the situation. You will want to be more formal with colleagues that you don’t know very well, but that certainly does not mean you have to be cold and impersonal. Obviously, you can be goofier or more casual with good friends.

The body of the thank you note does not necessarily need to be long, but it should be as specific as possible. If there is an identifiable deed, act or accomplishment that deserves a ‘Thank You’, make sure you mention it in your gift basket thank you note.  Otherwise, your recipient may wonder whether you really know what they did! Sometimes your thank you gift won’t be attributed to any specific reason so your thank you note can express a more general sentiment such as “Thank you for all you’ve done for me this year!”

Finally, do carefully consider the closing when writing your gift basket thank you note. “Sincerely”, “With Gratitude”, and “With Thanks” always work well in a thank you note, especially with business associates. These are more formal, but expresses the sentiment perfectly. With friends, naturally, you can be as informal as you like.  Always remember to communicate your true appreciation.